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      Reach us at

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   What is Tecmanhelp ? 
     We are a team of Microsoft and Cisco Certified professionals who provide technical solutions  to your nasty computer problems. We are available
     24/6 so that you can get your system up and running at anytime of the day.
     What are the benefits of remote Computer support ?
  • 24/6 Email, Chat, Phone and Remote technical support for troubleshooting and resolving your computer problems  
  • Experienced and qualified technicians always available for instant help
  • UNLIMITED Issue resolutions for Monthly and Annual subscribers.
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Guaranteed with 100% Money back guarantee in case the solution given is unworkable
  • 50% savings over other service providers with higher quality and prompt services.
     How will tecmanhelp team fix my problem?
     Our expertise lies in delivering quality technical support through Email, Chat, Phone and Remote computer support.

     Email Support :-  You can send queries regarding your problem and our technical support will provide you solution in Email maximum turnaround
     time is 12 hours often instantly.

     Chat Support :- You can initiate chat support for a real time response from our technical support.

     Phone Support :- You can call us and our technicians will answer your questions and help you to resolve your problem on phone call, and if
     required they will connect to your computer remotely and solve your problem.

     Remote Support :-  We make use of screen-sharing technology that connects our users with a remote session. But before we activate a session, it
     is compulsory for you to be registered with us. A secure link will be provided to you that you need to download on your system for the remote
     session to happen. The tech support team will respond to your issues. You can sit back and watch them perform tasks on your PC. Once the task is
     done, our tech support team logs out and your session is disconnected. If you do not want to use the remote computer support or live support, you
     can also avail troubleshooting via e-mail, phone or live chat. Our technician will connect your computer remotely and solve your problem and you
     have all the above support options available and you can use them according to your requirement for the incident.  
     Can you get back into my computer after my session is over?
     No. After your remote session is over we cannot log in again. Once you are logged out,  the tech support team can no longer see or access your
     Is remote computer support easy to use?
     Yes. It is easy, safe and convenient for those who do not wish to perform tasks on their own. All you need is to get registered with us,
     Login Account and download the link provided to you.
     Do you provide any assistance against virus / spy ware attacks?
     Yes, In this informative age, PCs or computers are very prone to viruses and spywares attack. This is because these malwares find a new
     path every day to get into computers. Atleast 8 out of 10 PC users are exposed to threats like Trojan horses, hackers, viruses etc. Our Technical
     Experts will provide in-depth detection and removal of these harmful programs, Viruses and spywares removal and protection to safeguard your  
     computer to remain disinfected from these threats in future.
     Are your technicians qualified to work on my computer?
     Yes. Our technical support team comprises experienced Microsoft Certified, Cisco Certified, Computer Engineering graduates who have the
     experience of working on different platforms and troubleshooting all sorts of Operating System's and application software's issues.
     Do you support Apple Macintosh?
     No. Currently we do not support Apple Macintosh; however we are working on this and will start supporting Macintosh in the near future.
     Can you support older computers?
     We provide solutions for all Windows operating system starting from Windows 95 - However, if you are using older versions of PCs, you will not be
     able to use much of the new peripherals as the older PCs do not support new technology and updating drivers becomes a nasty task sometimes
     nearly impossible.
     If I switch to different gadgets, would I need to buy a new service plan? Or can I use the existing service plan for the new gadget till the
     expiry of plan? 

     For monthly and annual subscriptions, you get covered for the service on your upgraded hardware device for the remaining period of your
     subscription and your record is updated with the details of the new hardware device.
A Representative list of computer related services we provide is given below.
Please identify the service you want and then choose your plan of Email, Chat, Phone or Remote support given above.  
  PC Tune Up   Antivirus Services   Microsoft Support   Computer Support   Peripheral Support

  PC Optimization

  PC Setup

  Computer Maintenance

  Blue Screen Error Support

  Registry Repair

  E-mail Client Support

  Virus Check & Removal

  Malware Virus Removal

  Adware Virus Removal

  Online Trojan Removal

  Firewall Support

  Windows Support

  Windows 7 Support

  Windows Vista Support

  Windows XP Support

  Microsoft Office Support

  Windows Troubleshooting

  Outlook Crash Recovery

  Remote Support

  Software Solutions

  Hardware Solutions

  Internet Setup

  Network Setup

  Web Browser Support

  Printer Support

  Scanner Support

  Wi-Fi Setup  

  Other Peripheral Support